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      Forsberg Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

      Forsberg Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

      Forsberg Engineering & Surveying, Inc. is a small veteran-owned business. The staff at Forsberg Engineering & Surveying, Inc. includes a total of 20 personnel. These include 4 licensed Professional Engineers, of which 2 are also licensed surveyors, 1 junior engineer (EIT), 4 Registered Professional Surveyors, one of which is our surveying manager, 1 CADD technicians, 1 office administrator and 3 surveying crews. Of these, personnel will be assigned as needed to accomplish each work order.

      All design personnel work under the supervision of Daniel C. Forsberg, PE, PLS, and Gray Lewis, PE. Forsberg Engineering & Surveying, Inc. is licensed by the State of South Carolina to provide engineering services as a corporation and our State Certificate of Authorization Number is C0343.

      With four licensed professional engineers and the above listed support staff, we are able to assign projects equitably throughout the company to assure timely completion of projects. With our long history working for both Federal and State agencies, we are well accustomed with fixed project schedules that require adherence. We are also aware of the issues that impact the schedules of our private sector clients with funding limitations, accrued interest, permitting restrictions, reviewing boards and environmental agencies.

      Forsberg Engineering & Surveying believes in getting a jump on design concepts based on the owner’s wishes. Since we offer both surveying and civil design, we are accustomed to gathering critical survey data such as flood zones, utilities, setbacks, etc. We consider our surveying component an asset in the delivery of civil engineering documents. We also believe in conducting site assessments by experienced civil engineers who will ultimately be involved in the project design. Our method helps identify potential issues before they become problems.


      The staff of Forsberg Engineering & Surveying includes four Registered Professional Engineers, four Registered Land Surveyors (of these Land Surveyors, two are also dual-registered as engineers), one Engineer in Training (EIT), one Civil Drafting Technician, and three Operating Survey Crews.

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      Our objective is to provide a design solution that addresses all project needs and goals. To do this we follow an accepted design development process including due diligence, concept development, public participation, preliminary and final design and construction/implementation.

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      Forsberg Engineering & Surveying, Inc., hosts full service civil engineer shop specializing in land development. From the planning stages to construction, we create the strategies that transform empty lots and crowded urban landscapes into useful assets to the community.

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